The old walls, consisting of three beautiful old buildings that merge into one another, have been given a Hanseatic dose of love and now shine in a new guise befitting the Reeperbahn. The rooms, adorned with documentary-style photo wallpaper, playfully depict the epochal history of Hamburg’s neighborhood, inviting guests to explore the Hanseatic city and the hotel.

The name PJ’S (English for pajamas), named after the former owners, Petra, her husband Joshi and dog Sheila served as inspiration for the new name. However, the name Pajama Hotel sounded too simple, so they decided to expand it to include „Park“. The Pyjama Park is your retreat, your home and just your parking place for your pyjamas. The Pyjama Park Sternschanze has guidance system based on a parking garage and with the addition of „Park“ also refers to the many flowers that make the hotel bloom as if in an Urban Jungle.

In 2012, Stephan’s longtime friend, system caterer Marcus Geßler from Münster, joined the team and together they founded Behrmann & Gessler KG. A deep friendship including mutual nicknames, „fish roll“ for Stephan and „landlubber“ for Marcus fostered the opening of two more hotels. In 2014 the Boutique Hotel Fritz in Pyjama Schanzenviertel and in 2016 the Hostel Pyjama Park Schanzenviertel.